Our company offers a wide range of Al/Al alloy semi-products.

We have been offering a wide range of industry focused services since our foundation in 2002 such as circular sawing of plate, cross coil cutting and shear cutting of sheets. Water-jet shape cutting was added later, and the manufacture of high-precision milled ALQAL aluminium plates was launched in 2010.

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Water jet shape cutting

Water jet shape cutting can be applied to any material with the exception of tempered glass and materials that react intensely with water.

What can be cut with a water jet

From our stock and production range, we commonly cut sheets and plates from materials in accordance with ENAW:

  • 5754 H111 (Max. Thk. 25 mm)
  • 5083 H111 (Max. Thk. 50 mm)
  • 6082 T651 (Max. Thk. 250 mm)
  • 2017A T451 (Max. Thk. 180 mm)
  • 2024 T351 (Max. Thk. 105 mm)
  • 7075 T651 (Max. Thk. 250 mm)
  • 5083 cast (Max. Thk. 250 mm)
  • Double-sided high-precision milled plates
  • ALQAL 5083 (Thk. from 4 mm to 100 mm)
  • ALVAL 6082 T651 and ALVAL 6061 T651 (Thk. from 5 mm to 40 mm)
  • ALCAST 7021 (Thk. from 10 mm to 30 mm)

By prior agreement, we also cut from materials that we do not offer, on the condition that the material is supplied by the customer.

Tilting heads of our machines allow us to cut under an angle, which eliminates the bevel cut that is created during the vertical water jet cutting.

The only limiting factors are the weight of the input material which cannot exceed 5000kg and 1000 kg/m2, the maximum dimensions of CNC table of 3000 x 5000 mm and the range of motion of Z axis of 0–330 mm (the maximum thickness that can be cut is therefore 330 mm).

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