Our company offers a wide range of Al/Al alloy semi-products.

We have been offering a wide range of industry focused services since our foundation in 2002 such as circular sawing of plate, cross coil cutting and shear cutting of sheets. Water-jet shape cutting was added later, and the manufacture of high-precision milled ALQAL aluminium plates was launched in 2010.

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Shape cutting

We mainly process the Aluminium and its alloys which we deal in.

However, it is possible to cut other materials with prior agreement with our Sales Department. We are happy to cut materials such as steel, titanium, granite and stone amongst others on the condition that the material is supplied by the customer.

We can produce shaped cuts from almost every material found in product range thereby giving our customers a fast turnaround and short delivery times not offered by many of our competitors.

a) Principle of technology

Our CNC machine operates on a simple principle.

A thin jet of water with a diameter of 2 mm under pressure of up to 4000 atm and at a speed of 900 m/s cuts through the material. The water jet is powered by a pump and delivered through high pressure tubing to a Diamond Head Nozzle where the water is mixed with the precise quantity of abrasive to cut the material.

b) What we can cut with water jet

This water jet cutting technology can be essentially applied to any material with the exception of tempered glass and materials that react intensely with water.

The only limiting factors are the maximum dimensions of CNC table of 3000 x 5000 mm and the range of motion of Z axis of 0–330 mm (the maximum thickness that can be cut is therefore 330 mm).

New tilting head allows us to significantly eliminate the bevel cut that is created during the water jet cutting.

Another innovation we offer to our customers is shape cutting up to angle 60 °. Thus, we are able to perform chamfering and other special modifications to the components already during the cutting.

c) What you should bring

The quickest way to complete your order is if you bring your own technical drawing in electronic form in *.dxf or *.dwg format.

If you have no possibility to bring your drawing in either of these formats, we can use paper version drawings or freehand drawings. In such cases you should count on longer lead times for completion. At the order stage we ask you to state whether the cut material will be further processed, or you need to have finished quality (see the following section “Cut quality and precision”).

d) Cut quality

It is necessary to note that the water jet has a particular attribute – its cut profile is conical and the chamfer is bigger with greater thickness. What about quality? We follow three precise quality grades.

  1. Maximum Quality – Utilised mainly in cases when the customer will not further process (or minimally) material after cutting. We recommend using this cut to a maximum thickness of 50 mm. In such a case we can keep within a tolerance of +/-0,3 mm. It is possible to cut this quality in greater thicknesses but, because of the greater chamfer, we cannot keep the a.m. tolerance and further process is required therefore impacting the finished costs.
  2. Medium Quality – This quality is between the top and bottom of the quality range. Normally used for parts where the cut tolerance is not critical, e.g. for visible “non-functional“ machine parts. This quality is used for thicknesses up to 100 mm.
  3. Dividing cut – This is used for semi-products which require further machining; or when low cost is more important than appearance or accuracy. The cut of thickness over 50 mm is very rough; therefore, the customer has to add 3-10 mm to the final contour of the product on the side intended for subsequent machining (the required addition increases with increased thickness). If you are not sure about the addition, please contact our sales representative for shape waterjet cutting. We are happy to help you.

e) Advantages of water jet cutting

  1. A cut with water jet is a “cold cut” and so without any heat influence on the material.
  2. The work piece suffers no physical, chemical or mechanical changes and can be easily processed.
  3. The water jet minimally affects the material with there being no micro cracks.
  4. Water jet cutting is environmentally friendly as during the cutting process no non-ecological discharges occur. Water consumption is very low, the abrasive is not toxic and can be recycled for further use.
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